What to Ask When Choosing A Hospice

We encourage you to interview Hospice Companies before you make a decision. Hospice is a very individualized and you want to make sure the team you are working with matches your personality.

Your address is ____________. Does the hospice serve this area?

Is the hospice certified by Medicare?

Does the hospice accept Medicaid?

What other insurance is accepted?

What services does the hospice provide?

– Phone calls to the family?

– Information on what to expect with the disease progression?

– Support groups?

What is expected from the family caregiver?

To what degree are volunteer services available in the home?

How often does hospice staff make home visits? (E.g. once-a-day visits, every-other-day visits, or once-a-week visits? Note: This will change as the patient’s condition changes.)

Nurse ____________________

Social worker ______________

Home health Aide __________

Doctor ____________________

Volunteer _________________

Pastor or chaplain __________

Who provides on-call coverage during nights and weekends?

The staff of the hospice?

Is on-call coverage contracted out to other persons?

Does the hospice have contracts with local long-term-care facilities?

If so, which one(s)?

Does the hospice provide funeral arrangement support?

What bereavement services are provided?

*Tip: Call after traditional business hours to see response time.