Hospice Staff

Honoring Wishes, Offering Choices and Bringing Compassion

Administrator/Assistant Administrator

The administrator and the assistant administrator are available to answer questions and/or to solve challenges that may arise concerning the business aspects about the operation of the company or the services being provided by the hospice staff.

Medical Director

The hospice medical director is a MD or DO. The medical director reviews and directs all aspects of medical care for each patient on an ongoing basis and formally reviews every case every two weeks

Director of Nursingr

RN who oversees the clinical team, ensuring the patients and families receive the care they need and the conditions of participation are implemented and followed.

Registered Nurse Case Manager

The RN visits each patient as often as needed and coordinates all medical care with the medical director/Attending physician. The RN creates a nursing plan of care for each patient. RN ensures that the nursing needs of the patient are met as identified in the patient’s initial and comprehensive and updated assessments, as well as coordinates the interdisciplinary hospice team care.

Licensed Practical Nurse

The LPN assists the RN in providing medical care for each patient.

Home Health Aide

Under the direction of the RN, the HHA provides personal care for each patient including personal hygiene, baths/showers, and personal assistance

Licensed Medical Social Worker

The social worker visits each patient and provides psychosocial support as often as needed. The social worker provides information to help each patient make critical decisions about “end of life” directives and provides information about community and state services available to each patient


The chaplain visits each patient as needed and provides spiritual and emotional support.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator organizes the activities of caring individuals that desire to donate their time and care to our patients and/or hospice staff.

Bereavement Coordinator

Offers emotional, psychosocial and spiritual support and services before and after the death of our patient up to 13 months for any issues related to grief, loss and adjustment.

Community Relations Director

Responsible for business development, community education, admission of patients and is a liaison with doctors and other health-care professionals.