Value of a Nurse Practitioner in Hospice Care

“Nurse Practitioners as a discipline are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive, effective, compassionate and cost-effective care…”

Having a NP as a Member of our Hospice Team Means Patients Get Better Care

  • Only a NP has the dual training of RNs and MDs. As such, having a NP on our staff insures we have the perfect liaison for optimal collaboration between our nurses and community physicians.

  • Having a NP on staff provides our patient’s holistic care along with diagnostic and treatment expertise; while also evaluating cost-effective utilization of Medicare and Medicaid dollars.

  • NPs are trained to assess and treat based on holistic goals and to view the patient in the context of their defined family. Our NP is trained to provide end of life care that encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual concerns of the patient and family unit.

  • Our nurses have access to a NP who has the training to assess and treat medically complex patients at end of life.

  • Our NP is available for home visits to provide additional support to our patients and their families. This improves quality of life for many families because getting to community physicians can be very time consuming and difficult.

Having a Nurse Practitioner (NP) on staff gives Treasure Valley Hospice a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life for patients and families through the experience of facing a terminal illness.