Treasure Valley Hospice Grief and Family Support Program

We understand the heart wrenching sense of loss following the death of a loved one. Having experienced death and loss in our own lives, we too, know the importance of having support available for a period of time. This is why we follow our families for 13 months following their loss. We understand that while we have a common bond of loss, each person’s loss and grief is unique to them. Our family support program is designed to meet a variety of individual needs at different stages in the grieving process. There is no right or wrong way to move through grief, there is no prescription for or time limit to the grieving process. We are here to take the journey with you and support you along the way. Below are different elements to our support program. Click on the on the link to read more about each. You are invited to participate in any or all of the support options offered. Check the Bereavement calendar for a schedule of events. For additional information, please call Roger or JoAnn at

Regular Letters of Support

During the year you will receive letters at 1,3,6,9 and 12 month intervals. These letters speak to feelings and emotions you may experience as you move through the year following the death of your loved one. The letters are intended to provide encouraging words, thoughts and suggestions that we hope you will find helpful.

Celebration of Life

Our Celebration of Life event is at 11:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of June each year. We gather at Lyons Park in Nampa, Idaho to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. We come together out of gratitude for the life and love and relationship you shared with them. This gathering is intended for all family members. Our program allows you the opportunity to share a memory or story of your loved one and release a balloon into the sky in their memory. Our Treasure Valley Hospice Family Support Team will be present and available for individual conversations, if desired.

Darkness to Light Service

Our Darkness to Light Service is at 6:00 p.m. the first Thursday of December each year. We understand how difficult the first holidays can be after the death of a loved one. Christmas can be particularly difficult with all of the customs and traditions that are unique to families. The expectations and the joy that others seem to find in the season can seem hollow when we are feeling empty and alone. The intent of our Darkness to Light service is to come together with a common bond of loss and yet a grief that is unique to each of us. Our desire in our time together is to acknowledge our sadness and yet to open up the light of hope and peace that awaits us as we find our new normal in our lives moving forward. There is an opportunity for conversation and sharing with others who are sharing the same sense of loss. Treasure Valley Hospice Bereavement will be present and available for individual conversations if desired.

Grief Support Groups

Grief is a part of life. It is the natural human response to loss. Losing a loved one changes our lives and we experience thoughts, emotions and issues more than we could imagine. At Treasure Valley Hospice we are committed to offering compassionate support to the grieving as we explore together paths to renewed hope. Our Grief Support Group offers a safe place to express thoughts and feelings as we journey through Ten Touchstones that are essential for healthy healing.

If you believe that a support group may be helpful for you, you are encouraged to either send a request for contact to or call and ask for more information.

Hope and Healing Nature Walks

Being in nature increases our awareness of the never-ending cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. It can put life and death into perspective and give a sense of constancy after experiencing a life changing loss. Our hope is that a closer connection to nature will help us better come to terms with death and the grieving process. For a schedule and locations of walks, please contact JoAnn a

Referrals if needed

Sometimes there are extenuating circumstance that complicate one’s grief. If professional counseling is desired or required, we have professional licensed grief counselors we refer to for more in-depth assistance.