Welcome to Treasure Valley Hospice

Our Team at Treasure Valley Hospice: is a team of professionally trained health care providers serving in the Treasure Valley, Mountain Home and the surrounding area. Philosophy: Affirming life while never denying death. Locations: Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle, Boise, Emmett, Garden City, Mountain Home & Elmore County.

We appreciate your decision to support the community by choosing the services of this locally owned and independent Idaho Hospice company.

Serving you 24 Hrs a day/7 Days a Week.


2 Locations in Nampa and Mountain Home

Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission is to love our patients and their families selflessly. We will serve our patients and their families with a servant’s heart and recognize their unique needs. Treasure Valley Hospice is committed to compassionate, professional care at the end of life’s journey. Our team of professionals strive to ease suffering, honor wishes, offer choices, strengthen families and support grieving in hopes of making their journey a time of peace and celebration.

With our mission, the following principles guide Treasure Valley Hospice:

  • Honor Wishes: We will always have open communication with our staff and with those we serve. Individuals are the experts in their own care; we will honor their wishes.
  • Ease Suffering: Enable the patient and family to concentrate on those they love by alleviating the symptoms of physical, emotional and spiritual pain.
  • Offer Choices: We strive to empower our patient and their family by providing them with the tools, information and support they need to make informed decisions.
  • Strengthen Families: Our hearts’ desire is to be a team of professionals that our patients and families can lean on during a journey they may have never taken before. Having a hospice support system, allows family members to not become solely caregivers; but they can remain a spouse, a child, a loving friend, etc.
  • Support Grieving: We understand that healing the heart takes time. Our goal is to provide a place for the bereaved to share their experiences; and to receive support, understanding, education and compassion from others who are also grieving.