What Our Patients Say

Treasure Valley Hospice has been nothing but kind in dealing with my feelings and emotions as I deal with my terminal diagnosis (ALS). I appreciate and love everyone involved in caring for me. – Cliffquote-end


We really do love… all of the staff at Treasure Valley Hospice. This journey can be difficult at times and it means a lot to me that the staff love my husband the way that they do. The staff not only care for the physical well being of Cliff but they care about his emotional well being. – Wendy

Deciding on Hospice can be a difficult choice. The staff at Treasure Valley Hospice have made me feel very comfortable with my decision and I must say that the quality of my life has improved. I love all of the staff that I come in contact with but I am especially fond of Maria and Mary. They are so friendly and responsive to all my needs. I do not have to worry about equipment or supplies because they just show up when I need them. Mary always makes me laugh. Beyond sharing a name we share many of the same personality traits. Maria and Mary have helped me to accept and enjoy this chapter of my life. I am so appreciative and thankful. – Mary C.quote-end

Sarah, my CNA, shows a twinkle in her eyes when she talks to me; I love it and she makes me feel so special. She is gentle when helping me with my needs and genuinely cares about my comfort. She always brings everything I need and I never have to ask. I wish she could come see me everyday. – Estherquote-end


The staff at TVH have been nothing but KIND to Grandma. It’s a priority to TVH, to make sure she is more than comfortable. All of the staff has worked so hard to accommodate her at this special time.quote-end

They always remember when it’s her birthday, and they come bearing gifts at Christmas. TVH has been very supportive and more than helpful, assisting me with Grandma. I certainly couldn’t do it without them and I’m so thankful that I found them. – Robinquote-end

I love when Bobbie comes to my house with her great sense of humor. She can always put a smile on my face. She is always willing to listen. Bobbie is always punctual. When she says she is going to be here – she is. When she is in my home she is always patient and kind. I love that she not only interacts with me but my entire household. My grandson loves her. I am thankful for all that Treasure Valley Hospice does to keep me comfortable. It is nice that I do not have to leave my house to get the medical care I need. – Ed Wilsonquote-end