Where Are You Now?

In the last year, I took the position as the Administrator for Treasure Valley Hospice and am also a minority owner of our company. I still love to be out in the community but don’t make it to as many networking events as I use to. However, this week I was able to attend a fundraising event and bumped into a lot of individuals from our local medical community. I discovered a theme in most of the conversations going on around me –“Where are you now?”

I forget how transient individuals in healthcare can be. It is not unusual for nurses, social workers, marketers and others to switch places of employment on a regular basis. The “where are you now” question being asked over and over during the fundraising event made me reflect on how blessed I am to work for Treasure Valley Hospice. Treasure Valley Hospice was founded eight years ago by Clark Limb, and I have been with the company for seven of those eight years. Half of our employees have been employed with us for four years or more. We have almost zero turnovers. Our employees don’t leave. It is exciting to be a part of a culture in which our employees feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Their co-workers are their work-family. Why not learn more about our team?