Knowing it’s TIME

Why do we wait so long to call hospice? Why are healthcare providers, friends and families afraid to talk

about it sooner?


Is it because we feel it will make time limited?

We all want more time, but when time becomes more limited, then time becomes more precious.


Most people wait too long to bring in a hospice team. I often hear, “I didn’t think it would happen so



Early admission into a hospice program allows more time for the hospice team to fully

understand the patient’s and family’s needs and to develop a suitable plan of care.


Here’s what Hospice can do:

A care team of doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors, aides, spiritual caregivers, therapists, and

volunteers— working together to address the patient’s and family’s identified needs. In addition,

hospices help provide medications, supplies, equipment, and additional helpers in the home, as



Hospice offers 24/7 support, consultation and visits. We help with planning and compassionate care

at the beginning, through the middle and end. We provide support to the family 13 months after

their loved one has passed.


Most every family that is asked what they would have changed is: “I wish we would have gotten hospice sooner.”


It’s about coming along side; helping you navigate through tough decisions with someone who has been

there, and truly cares about life. It’s about fulfilling wishes, getting things done, living life and finishing



Outreach and Community Relations

You can call Kimberly Ouwehand any time you have any questions or concerns, she can be reached at

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